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Jul 20, 2019

Kelsey Heenan, aka TheDailyKelsey, is a fitness and nutrition coach, as well as a co-founder of HIITMAX. Kelsey has dedicated her life to improving peoples’ lives in the fitness space. But before she could help others, she first had to help herself recover first—from an eating disorder that sent her life spinning. With patience and dedication, Kelsey developed a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and her body, and knows that you can too.






What IS The Daily Kelsey? How did she get into health and fitness? [2:02]

Spiraling into food restriction, body obsession, and an eventual eating disorder [5:08]

Facing shame and barriers to recovery [10:17]

The most helpful tools for recovering from food obsession [13:05]

Building confidence around food choices [19:40]

It’s not about the food: overcoming mindset challenges and outside pressures [21:02]

Creating HIITBurn and opening up a conversation to help other women [27:24]

Seeing damaging things on social media [30:17]

Kelsey’s Food Philosophy [32:37]

How to handle body-image changes [34:17]

Kelsey’s current biggest struggle [36:15]


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