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Jul 26, 2019

A single text destroyed Sarah Centrella’s life in an instant. Her marriage of 8 years was over, and half her life had been seemingly rendered useless. That was, until, she started to share her story. Blogging gave Sarah an audience and a voice, and soon she started to live the life she always dreamed of as a little girl. Now Sarah is a best-selling author, a speaker, a coach, and an expert on the benefits of #futureboards. Find out how to master your mindset and manifest the life of your dreams.

Hustle Believe Receive



The text message that changed Sarah’s life [1:48]

Desperately searching for a way to fix things [6:06]

Beginning to share her story & starting over with a blank slate [8:51]

Clawing her way out emotionally and financially [13:13]

A book is born: a way to share the secrets Sarah used to get her life back [17:49]

Future Boards: how to see and manifest the things you want [20:02]

Manifesting fears—everything we say is something we ask the universe for [25:21]

Processing without complaining [30:01]

Blowing up the life you had before to get the life you really wanted [32:44]

What to do while you’re “waiting” to achieve your goals [39:31]

What drives Sarah today? [43:40]

A wholistic look on how to improve your entire life [46:37]

What is Sarah’s Best Life? [48:51]


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