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Jul 31, 2019

Throughout all of our lives, we go through seasons of stress. But if everything feels stressful all the time, could it be our own tendencies to intensify stress that’s holding us back? What techniques can we use to bring down our immediate stress response? And what tools are available for dealing with longer-term stressful situations? Danny and Jill have learned to control the stressors in their lives, and share their secret formulas to dealing with everyday anxieties.


Physical effects of chronic stress [0:51]

Are things stressful or do we create stress? [3:50]

Recognizing your tendencies to catastrophize things [7:37]

Bringing down the immediate physiological responses to stress [11:06]

Steps to decrease overwhelm and manage stress [13:27]

Anchor actions for more stressful seasons of life [16:10]

Taking a break when the concept of taking a break makes you anxious [20:05]

Do it, delegate it, or delete it [23:31]

Focus only on what you CAN control [27:25]

Above all, stress is transient [32:39]


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