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Aug 9, 2019

Jill and Danny have talked about the obsessions that have ruled their lives, but there is another piece to the equation that got left out: exercise. What started out as an innocent-enough enjoyment of exercising became a toxic control mechanism and a distraction technique with destructive effects. If you find your physical activity controls your life, it might be time to evaluate the hidden motives behind your compulsions. Get smarter and reclaim your life.


Exercise obsession as a control mechanism [1:16]

Danny’s exercise story [3:04]

Jill’s descent into obsession [6:21]

The slippery slope of competition mindset [9:37]

Never stopping to ask why [15:38]

Exhaustion and the “Fuck it!” moment [17:24]

Quitting the never-ending cycle [19:58]

Exercise for enjoyment instead of obligation [22:59]

Diet isn’t only the food you consume [25:05]

Why are you using exercise as a distraction? [26:52]

Trusting yourself to be okay without [28:18]

Overcompensating will only continue the cycle [30:59]


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