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Oct 30, 2019

Social media is a highlight reel of everyone else’s life. Seeing someone’s wins can feel like a stab in the gut, especially when you desperately want what they have. But just because someone posts a good thing that has happened in their lives, it doesn’t mean they don’t have their fair share of negativity too. Comparison is a trap, and in order to live the Best Life possible, it’s important to have gratitude for what you DO have, and remember that there’s enough for everybody to have a piece of success.


Unfollow people that trigger you or don’t match your ideals [2:26]

Celebrate the good things to provide hope [6:08]

Being triggered by others’ relationships [8:51]

It’s easier to feel happy for things you don’t want for yourself [10:48]

Honoring the emotional hit of jealousy [12:11]

Decide what you ACTUALLY want for your life [13:43]

Use jealousy as motivation rather than discouragement [18:11]

Letting others’ jealous of you affect you [22:43]

Non-scarcity mindset: there’s enough for all of us [26:20]


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