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Jan 17, 2020

Mind Pump Media is one of the biggest podcasts in the health and fitness scene, and its success isn’t an accident. Adam, Sal, Justin, and Doug have spent years becoming masters of the podcasting craft. We’ve interviewed the Mind Pump Crew before, but this week we have Adam back for a solo interview with Jill to discuss the in and outs of the podcasting business. The only “secret” to success is hard work, and Adam is no stranger to it.





How Mind Pump has grown & working with sponsors [2:22]

Managing multiple brands and sponsor deals [11:34]

Building relationships within the podcast community [15:56]

Do you need big guests to build your audience? [21:37]

The evolution of the show: how to grow with your audience [24:56]

“Hockey stick” growth [31:15]

The moment Mind Pump “made it” [35:37]

Is it a bad move to start a podcast now? [38:13]

The unexpected benefits of straying from one topic [47:59]

Go the direction you’re most excited about [58:44]

Ripping off the vulnerability bandaid [1:01:43]

Not letting your fears and vulnerabilities hold you back [1:08:35]

The challenge of people wanting access to your life [1:12:56]


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