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Dec 15, 2017

If you follow Danny-J or Jill Fit on social media, you may think you know the full scoop of how these women became the influencers we know today, but there’s a different side to their stories we haven’t heard yet. Despite hardship & emotional setbacks, these women have become online business moguls, positive thinkers, and lovers of life. In this introduction, Jill and Danny talk about what it means to live the Best Life and give a brief overview of whats in store for future episodes.


A brief introduction to the podcast [1:01]

Danny’s background and building her brand [1:25]

Jill’s transition from competitions and certainty to developing her own business [3:38]

Meeting each other and living “parallel lives” [7:12]

How sharing their hardest moments brought them together [8:44]

The realization that this is The Best Life! [12:51]

What will this podcast be about? [15:33]

A message from Organifi [17:18]


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