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Dec 15, 2017

Danny-J and Jill Coleman bare their hearts in part one of this deeply personal episode, detailing what they describe as their worst fears coming true: discovering their respective spouses entangled in affairs. Hear how these incredible women were able to take one of life’s most painful situations, reevaluate their mindsets, and come together to choose to live #TheBestLife despite their heartache.


-Danny’s Story [1:35]

-Searching for a reason “why” and the temptation to blame yourself [8:35]

-Jill’s Story [15:00]

-Finding a way to be okay on your own [23:39]

-Reaching the decision to leave and taking back your power [27:10]

-Does an ended marriage equal failure? [34:55]

-The importance of finding community and taking the first few steps on your own [36:17]

-How Jill was able to be grateful on the worst day of her life, and how time has begun to heal their wounds [43:23]

-Reaching the decision to file for divorce [46:45]


WHAT WE LEARNED coming in Part 2!


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