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Dec 15, 2017

In part 2 of the highly emotional “Affairs” episode of The Best Life Podcast, Jill and Danny-J each share the lessons they learned after surviving the heartbreaking aftermath of discovering their spouses caught up in extramarital affairs.

Through it all, each woman came out stronger and have narrowed their experiences into a handful of life lessons and resources that will help you to become a stronger person as well, whether you have gone through a similar ordeal or not.


Lessons from Danny

  1. It’s not about you [3:55]
  2. But… It IS about you (aka learning to take responsibility) [4:36]
  3. Everyone has their own version of the story [10:05]
  4. Forgiveness is magic [14:20]
  5. We don’t control anyone, nothing is guaranteed [15:48]

Lessons from Jill

  1. You need your own “thing” [17:52]
  2. Communicate openly and honestly (The 3 S’s of honesty) [23:10]
  3. You’re always in control of your response [32:26]
  4. Accepting and loving what is [35:19]


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Resources we used or recommend:


-Esther Perel:

-Mating in captivity

-The State of Affairs



-Sam Harris: Lying



-Byron Katie: Loving What Is



-David Richo: The Five Things We Cannot Change…



Kelli Adame