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Sep 29, 2018

Think you know the hosts of The Best Life Podcast well? Think again! In this silly and light-hearted episode, Jill and Danny play 21 Questions, each taking turns to ask a question that no one may have heard the answer to before. What you don’t know may surprise you!


Dinner with 3 people [2:02]

First job [3:02]

Sep 20, 2018

We’ve heard almost every side of the story when it comes to extra-marital affairs, but there’s one side we’re missing: the first-hand experience of the the one who did the cheating. An anonymous listener sent Danny and Jill an email recounting her affair, and shedding some much needed light onto what it’s like...

Sep 12, 2018

Although forgiveness can feel like one of life’s impossible tasks, it is key in moving on and achieving peace within yourself. In order to reach complete self-love, we must first forgive others, and most importantly forgive ourselves. Shanna Mota is highly practiced in forgiveness, and in this round-table discussion...

Sep 5, 2018

After enormous success with Quest Nutrition, the multi-million dollar company she co-founded with her husband, Lisa Bilyeu soon learned that it was not enough to keep her happy. To truly feel fulfilled in her life, she wanted to make an impact; so, Lisa and Tom created Impact Theory, a way to influence...