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Oct 25, 2018

Everyone knows what its like to deal with a toxic person; but what actually makes a person “toxic” and how do we deal with them effectively? Jill and Danny share insight on what is happening beneath the surface when a person acts “toxic” and how we can take back the power in relationships that turn harmful.


Oct 11, 2018

Danny J and Jill Coleman are no relationship experts, and although they may not have it all figured out, they do have quite a bit of experience between the two. After throwing themselves into the dating pool after the collapse of their respective marriages, Danny and Jill have a lot to share about dating apps, entering...

Oct 6, 2018

Elena Cardone is an actress, business woman, and now author of her book “Build an Empire: How to Have It All.” In this episode, Danny, Jill, and Elena discuss everything it takes to be successful and create your own empire, share the secrets it takes to maintain a healthy relationship, and what it means to be...