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Dec 8, 2019

The narratives surrounding weight loss are always the same: eat fewer calories, exercise lots, and have a fast metabolism. But what if these are only half-truths, and there isn’t one sure way to drop fat? Repeat guest and naturopathic physician, Jade Teta, is back today to discuss metabolism with Jill, and how the secret to losing weight (and keeping it off!) may not be the hours of cardio we are told to do, but rather keeping our stress in check.




The Matador Study: Intermittent calorie restriction [1:47]

What is metabolic compensation? [4:09]

Controlling hunger and cravings [10:24]

Calories vs. hormones [15:03]

Constrained metabolism and relation to stress [19:24]

Losing weight quickly [27:37]

Maintaining stress levels and food satisfaction [33:33]

Keeping your H.E.C. and S.H.M.E.C. in check [37:19]

Looking for the “Goldilocks effect” [40:16]

How do you recognize stress? [42:19]


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