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Dec 18, 2019

Rachel Cosgrove knows what its like to grind day in and day out as a personal trainer. But after years of struggle and no money to show for the work she had done, Rachel and her husband Alwyn decided it was time to shake things up: they were going to change the way the fitness business is done. Now Rachel and Alwyn run one of the top 10 gyms in the nation and live a life defined by freedom. Boundaries, mindset, and unshakeable core values are at the center of Rachel’s success, and they can be at yours, too.




How Rachel’s fitness journey began and has evolved [2:02]

Being the change she wanted to see in the industry [6:33]

Managing burn-out and a personal training career [9:00]

Who should and should not open a gym [11:34]

What makes Rachel’s gym different? [13:37]

Having non-negotiable core values [16:43]

Growing pains and freedom within business [21:50]

Results Fitness University [26:17]

Mindset shifts [30:19]

The importance of setting boundaries [34:46]

Not everyone is gonna love you [38:42]

Rachel’s current passion: Spartan races [42:10]

What is Rachel’s Best Life? [50:58]


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