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Sep 29, 2018

Think you know the hosts of The Best Life Podcast well? Think again! In this silly and light-hearted episode, Jill and Danny play 21 Questions, each taking turns to ask a question that no one may have heard the answer to before. What you don’t know may surprise you!


Dinner with 3 people [2:02]

First job [3:02]

Advice for yourself at 21 [4:43]

Best bad decision [6:52]

Biggest fear about being single [8:33]

Worst part of being single [11:17]

What are you looking for in a partner? [12:41]

Which sex and the city character are you, and why? [14:24]

Do you have any regrets? [16:34]

Piercings and tattoos [17:58]

Your first “time” [20:22]

What do you judge people for that you shouldn’t? [24:13]

Would you ever sleep with a married man? [27:19]

Weirdest thing someone has offered you money to do [31:45]

Weirdest recent date [34:55]

One assumption people make about you [38:08]

Have you ever sent nudes? [40:15]

Best and worst thing about being a woman [43:22]


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