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Jan 9, 2019

2019 is finally here! Along with the New Year comes new opportunities to set goals and reflect on the kind of year we would like to have. Making resolutions is important, but sometimes we can get caught up in what we think our goals “should” be, rather than what works best for our own lives. Danny J and her friend, Ashly Rae, discuss vision boards, goal setting, and the process of surrender in this New Years themed episode of The Best Life Podcast.


My CEO Life by Ashly Rae



Vision boards, learning to be fluid, and keeping track of your goals [1:32]

Making a “wish list” for the universe—and not feeling bad about our own process [5:53]

Anxiety around goal setting [9:38]

Finding the right “psychological tricks” to help you reach a goal [13:57]

Honoring your own process WITHOUT comparison [16:43]

The value of short term goals [20:52]

Being open to receiving goals and blessings, not always in the way you thought they’d come [25:57]

Surrendering yourself to the fact that change takes time; zooming out on your own life [31:32]

Set goals because you WANT to, not out of obligation [36:06]

Getting a coach’s perspective on what goals are best for your wants and needs [40:16]


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