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May 10, 2019

Dr. Jordan Shallow is a chiropractor with years of experience with strength training that helps him provide adjustment and relief in ways far beyond what a typical chiropractor can do. As an entrepreneur and founder, Jordan knows what it means to follow your passion unwaveringly, and to never give up on living the life of your dreams.




Is how you do one thing, how you do everything? Can people really change? [1:36]

Jordan’s marriage: how shifting identities changes a relationship [4:42]

Knowing whats on the other side, but wanting a career anyways [16:36]

Stumbling upon a different life than the one he planned [19:53]

The importance of perception [30:11]

What if someone says they “don’t know” what they’re passionate about? [33:45]

Failure expectation: learning to manage expectations [35:41]

Outcome focused, not income focused [42:05]

Increasing passion [51:10]

Teaching over Instagram, and hearing other perspectives [56:21]

Is social media a good thing, or not? [1:01:29]

Not keeping people on pedestals [1:07:21]

What works well one place, may not work well someplace else [1:14:01]

How do you date when you’re on the road? [1:18:54]

Jordan’s Best Life [1:28:34]


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