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Jun 12, 2019

Danny and Jill bare it all today in this sexy, sexy episode. The worlds of dating and sex can be a total mind-fuck for women today, and things only seem to get more complicated as we age. But should it? What could be more basic than allowing ourselves to receive pleasure when, and how we choose. After all, great sex is an integral element to living the Best Life.


Why does it sometimes feel like a chore? [2:36]

Long-term relationships without a lot of sex [6:44]

“Letting yourself go” physically and emotionally [10:13]

Keeping a little bit of mystery [16:55]

Communicating your sexual preferences [18:14]

Sex without pleasure [21:25]

Turning to porn [23:25]

Masturbation vs. sex and Wanting to be wanted [26:48]

Are there benefits to having sex every single day? [33:52]

Asking for what you want [37:20]

Faking orgasms, using lube, and sex toys [41:11]

Having sex with only one person for the rest of your life [47:35]


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